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School campaigns created with their greatest asset: students

St Peter's Woodlands is a dynamic, independent, Early Learning to Year 7 Primary School.

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    Challenge  SPW wished to attract more prospective parents to their Open Days. We advised them to veer away from traditional media, which historically had limited measurable success, and focus their budget on an innovative integrated social campaign to catch the eye of prospective parents.

    Solution  Our Brand Focus process defined the new identity and we began with our strategy, WONDER WEEK (WW) - enabling the school community to share their love of the school through love for their children. Each student drew a picture of what they loved about their school on WW posters.

    Result  Hundreds of these posters were displayed in the broader community through local shops, community centres and businesses, and also displayed as a banner across the SPW website.

  • St Peter's Woodlands

    Challenge  To share the Wonder Week message as much as possible, we converted WONDER WEEK posters into creative e-cards. Parents were invited to send an e-card with their child’s illustration to friends and colleagues.

    Solution  Selected drawings were also made visible outside the school to catch the attention of prospective parents and the community driving past.

    Result  The campaign had great results, with 66% of people receiving e-newsletters about WONDER WEEK clicking through to the e-card, with 30% of those forwarding it on an average of two times. SPW had a great attendance at the open day events and record number of new enrollments.

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    Challenge  To give the school community ownership and have a voice we involved them in creating a typeface for the school. Every student contributed to designing a brand new font for their class.

    Solution  Fusion digitised each class’ art and turned their handiwork into true type font files. The fonts were then used as key headings throughout the new Prospectus, Starter Pack and Vision documents.

    Result  Involving and utilising the talents of the school community we inspired other new families to enrol. The results culminating in an AADC award Typography Award 2009.

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    Challenge  SPW’s collateral needed to be overhauled to consistently convey their brand values of Joy and Enlightenment.

    Solution  Following on from the success of the Wonder Week campaign, Fusion lead SPW through a revamp of their school Prospectus, again utilising the talent of the vibrant school community, to inspire and encourage new families to enroll.

    Result  The new prospectus is a vibrant addition to their suite of collateral that helps consistently convey their brand values of Joy and Enlightenment.

  • St Peter's Woodlands

    Challenge  In February 1999, two schools became one with the merge of St Peters Parish School of Glenelg and Woodlands Anglican School for Girls. St Peter’s Woodlands (SPW) was born, and emerged with a mission – to build on their strengths to conquer the future.

    Solution  Fusion conducted a Brand Focus process with SPW, which enabled them to learn more about their new identity and why parents would choose their school over others. A new look and feel was designed and formed the SPW Style Guide.

    Result  SPW now has a Style Guide that provides consistent communication advice for all staff to help them reinforce their brand values.

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