Putting stores in the back pocket of millions

Entrepreneur, Brad Moran turned the idea for NoQ (No Queue) into a business backed by more than $1 million in investment capital.

  • NoQ

    Challenge  With an exciting idea to revolutionise the way customers purchase from retailers, NoQ came to Fusion as a fully backed start-up looking for strategy and development for an iPhone app. Starting with a comprehensive Define phase, we began by establishing a brand identity to position the start-up as a leading brand in a new sector.

    Solution  We designed the brand identity to sit alongside existing social media start ups and established payment methods such as VISA, M/CARD and AMEX as a serious and credible payment option. We created a flat print version of the logo which has a sense of confidence about it, as well as a digital, tactile version for touch screens. In addition to visual brand elements, we provided brand strategy recommending NoQ keep to a single category to begin with, but designed the visual asset range to enable expansion.

    Result  We were delighted to hear that some people thought NoQ was a big brand from the USA. We knew we’d done our job well. We’re very proud of the results and looking forward to the market downloading, using and loving NoQ!

  • NoQ
  • NoQ

    Challenge  The challenge was not only to build a customer centric mobile app, but to also define, design and develop the entire NoQ eco-system as a sophisticated, integrated network that could put stores in the back pockets of millions of people.

    Solution  Starting from the ground up, we began by defining the optimal NoQ business model and strategy that would work harmoniously for all stakeholders. By exploring the full customer/vendor experience right through to best payment methods, we designed an app that is easy to use and works as a highly affordable, secure payment gateway. It uses a simple sign up procedure and allows customers to search by proximity, food type, keyword, featured stores or just by browsing the A-Z store listing.

    Result  Eliminating queues at the touch of a button, the app’s design makes it a pleasure for customers to find and purchase food and beverages, customise their orders and even store them as a favourite for next time. A virtual food court in the palm of your hand, the app communicates with the store in real time providing everyone with hassle-free, seamless mobile financial transactions.

  • Challenge  Produce a video that clearly demonstrates how NoQ works for customers while promoting its ease of use.

    Solution  We produced a dynamic, contextual video that shows just how easy it is for anyone with an iPhone to search, order and pay with NoQ whenever and wherever they like - with no queues. The video was formatted for the client to use in various media.

    Result  The video conveys an instant sense of simplicity and positions NoQ as a hassle-free system that everyone loves.

  • Challenge  Produce a video that demonstrates the benefits to stores signing up with NoQ.

    Solution  The store video we produced articulates just how easy it is for vendors to join the mobile revolution and let customers find and order from them, on the go. By where they are, by what they want, or by simply searching for their business. It also steps stores through how easy, secure and affordable it is for them to register their store, upload their menu etc and start taking fully paid orders.

    Result  The video helps to outline the incredible benefits to stores, while also positioning NoQ as a simple and affordable sales tool.

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    Challenge  Develop a website that clearly articulates how stores can implement and use NoQ to securely receive orders while also outlining how customers can download and purchase with NoQ from the convenience of their mobile.

    Solution  The NoQ website was designed to support the app and make it easy for stores and customers to understand the NoQ system. Visitors can easily see step by step instructions on how the system works and what’s needed to get started. And if a store wants to sign up, the website also acts as the portal for vendors to register and establish their listing.

    Result  The website is easy to use and clearly outlines the benefits to both stores and customers. New stores can simply follow the registration tab to get started and and existing stores can login to update their information in an easy to use interface - designed just for them.

  • NoQ

    Challenge  Create online administration/mnagement interfaces for stores to easily upload and organise their menus as well as monitor incoming orders.

    Solution  We wanted to make it just as simple for stores to use NoQ as their current system and keep any disruption to a minimum. So we made it easy for stores to upload and update menus, logos, photos, location data and prices, removing any complexities for stores setting up and maintaining their NoQ listing. Just some of the features include: being able to accept or decline orders and suggest alternatives if sold out, have a delivery or pick up option and nominate levels of urgency and priority.

    Result  Stores see remote orders instantly and can even delay new ones if they’re running behind - with the web based console sending real time notifications back to the customer’s mobile. Additionally, stores can also preview their listings on the app before updating their public profile. And lastly, they can also track sales to see what’s really taking off, enabling smarter forecasting, resourcing and inventory management.

  • NoQ

    Challenge  Design collateral that supports the NoQ brand and clearly conveys key brand messages.

    Solution  We created brochures, facebook graphics and an email newsletter with a consistent look, feel and message that all outline just how flexible it is to either download the app or sign up a store, how easy it is to install, get up and running and enjoy!

    Result  The consistent branding, imagery and messages right across the entire range of NoQ collateral conveys this new concept with confidence and clearly positions the brand as a fun, simple and logical alternative.

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