An integrated approach to Krix's brand experience turns up the volume of sales by 80%

Krix is Australia’s largest home entertainment and commercial cinema loudspeaker manufacturer.

  • Krix

    Challenge  Our challenge was to revitalise a 30 year old brand to provide Krix with a clear point of difference in a highly cluttered and competitive international marketplace.

    Solution  The refreshed brand identity is an evolution of the existing brand, and Krix's new positioning is clearly articulated with the addition of the 'experience sound' tagline.

    Result  The refined brand and positioning has reinvigorated excitement and interest in Krix. The rollout of new brand elements has resulted in a significant increase in sales revenue.

  • Krix

    Challenge  To communicate the benefits and technical specifications of Krix's home theatre and high-end audio speakers we were engaged to produce a lush point-of-sale and web delivered brochure.

    Solution  We positioned Krix's range as a prestige offering, using a sophisticated DVD-sized publication made up of high quality photography and carefully crafted copy that has set the tone for all Krix communications.

    Result  The Krix product booklet has improved up-selling opportunities in the retail environment. The quality of the document has meant it has become a keepsake for potential and existing customers.

  • Krix

    Challenge  As part of our Krix rebrand we designed Krix's product packaging to create a strong brand presence in the retail environment.

    Solution  A two-colour information design system was developed that clearly highlights the product. The un-boxing experience is enhanced by messages hidden inside that communicate the irreverent personality that is Krix.

    Result  The visually striking packaging is highly recognisable as Krix's and unifies their range of products in the retail environment. The two-colour design has significantly reduced printing costs.

  • Krix

    Challenge  Our strategy was to further leverage Krix brand awareness through a partnership with TITLE's national CD/DVD distribution arm. TITLE sell thousands of units to mainstream retailers each month.

    Solution  We created a series of speech bubble stickers for placement on CD's and DVD's that communicates the irreverence of the brand to a mass audience.

    Result  Krix's brand is now being delivered to consumers directly through the products that are listened to on Krix speakers. This lateral approach has captured the attention of Krix's target audience.

  • Krix

    Challenge  We created a space in boutique TITLE stores for strategic product placement that communicates the in-store use of Krix speakers.

    Solution  The Krix product came to life through the use of a speech bubble that 'speaks' to customers. The POS material acts as a call to action to view the entire range online.

    Result  We have increased awareness of Krix products through an eye-catching, quirky in-store promotion.

  • Krix

    Challenge  We were engage to create eye catching graphics for Krix's vehicles that communicate the brand's value proposition.

    Solution  The vehicle branding turned generic vehicles into a moving communications tool for Krix. Number plates were designed to communicate the unique nature of the business. (Krix L & Krix R).

    Result  We significantly increased the visibility of the Krix brand in the local marketplace when carrying out delivery runs and retailer visits.

  • Krix

    Challenge  We were engaged to create a website that reflects Krix's new brand identity and market positioning, providing an online presence for their products and a true forum for customer interaction.

    Solution  The new website has the ability to dynamically display product images and is highly interactive, making it an engaging user experience. Customers can share their views on Krix products through an online forum and blog.

    Result  The increased customer interaction and word of mouth promotion that has created genuine 3rd party endorsement for Krix products.

  • Challenge  We were engaged to create a cinema commercial to communicate that the speaker brand which is installed in 75% of Australian cinemas is also available at home.

    Solution  Elements of humour and surprise were tapped into when the character takes a pair of speakers on a movie date and can't choose between the two.

    Result  In the first 12 months of Mitcham Cinema's operation, 280 000 visitors viewed the Krix commercial at every movie session, creating increased awareness of Krix home cinema products.

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