EasyData - What's the State of the State?

Fusion were recently engaged by Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) to plan, design and develop a data enquiry web application that aggregates a vast array of economic, social and environmental indicators.

Sourced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and various other government departments, the 60-odd indicators are accessible at local government, regional and State levels. EasyData has the powerful ability to compare user selections of regions.

DTED Chief Executive Brian Cunnigham says "EasyData fits DTED's move to be more customer-centric, progressive and outwardly focussed."

From the outset, Fusion had a vision to design and build the web application to be user-friendly and intuitive, whether a visitor wants a quick snapshot of a region's data or if they need to create a complex report using tailored regional and indicator selections.

EasyData has a myriad of uses to people from all walks of life. For example:

  • Marketers to target their next campaign
  • Businesses to establish regions to grow within
  • Researchers needing information for custom reports
  • Students needing inforomation for school and uni projects
  • All levels of Government for evidence-based policy
  • Non-profits for grant applications

The best things about EasyData:

  • It's FREE for anyone in the world to use
  • You can easily compare regions using custom indicator sets
  • Report charts are clearly annotated with key information
  • You can save your favourite reports for future use
  • Data is highly relevant - it's updated monthly

Our Heapsgood campaign on ACA

Our Heapsgood campaign on ACA

Our Heapsgood brand campaign was recently covered by A Current Affair. From the feedback we received via friends and family, it seems that many people are still watching the old analogue box and tuning into ACA.

Heart and soul of Australian winemaking online

Heart and soul of Australian winemaking online

Fusion has just finished and launched a shiny (no...a well cellared) website for Australia's First Families of Wine (AFFW), an exciting initiative of 12 family-owned Australian wineries. These iconic winery brands have partnered to create a unified front aimed at improving consumer, trade and industry body perceptions of the quality and depth of Australia's mid and upper tier wines.