Fusion attends Apple's WWDC10

iPhone / iPad application development skills at Fusion were finely tuned recently when our Director, John Chaplin, visited San Francisco for WWDC10, the annual technical conference for developers innovating with Apple technologies.

John hit the ground running for an intensive conference that was just as spectacular as you’d expect from Apple with over 1,000 Apple engineers presenting a preview of the new operating system for iPad and iPhone, along with advanced coding and development techniques.

He’s come back with a wealth of knowledge that builds on from the Apple development mantra of ‘Design. Code. Build. Innovate.’ Which is exactly what we love doing!

Fusion presents Social Media study in Berlin

Fusion presents Social Media study in Berlin

Fusion Co-Director, Gavin Klose, recently partnered with Uni of SA’s, Karen Nelson-Field to complete an intensive three month social media study which has resulted in a paper that has been invited for inclusion in the upcoming global ESOMAR conference: WM3 2010 Your audience = media consumer + generator.