The Mobilising Mutuals Index 2018

Give your organisation the edge with DA + Fusion's comprehensive report.

Does your Mutual deliver on mobile expectations?

Recent research indicates that more Australians are using mobile banking than visiting a branch. Consumer preference means the smartphone screen can make or break you from your competitors.

DA+Fusion's Mobilising Mutuals Index report reveals how Mutual Banks are taking on the Big Four with feature-packed mobile banking experiences.

Is your mobile experience 'marvelous' or 'meh'? Has your brand surpassed the major banks with its mobile experience? How vital is a mobile strategy to your members? Which digital business poses the biggest threat to the Mutual sector?

The Mobilising Mutuals Index report will provide you with the insights and strategies to move your mobile strategy forward.

Does your Mutual deliver on mobile expectations? Does your Mutual deliver on mobile expectations?

What's in the report?

See where you stand)

See where you stand

For the first time, accurate and relevant comparison between the Big Four and mutual institutions allow you to measure where you stand.

New mobile banking standards)

New mobile banking standards

Are you a trailblazer or lagging behind? We reviewed 21 mobile banking apps to uncover the new standards in mobile banking.

Insights for the future.)

Insights for the future.

Employees of 16 of Australia's most well known mutuals share their insights on the future of mobile, both for their customers and their organisations.

Can your organisation afford to not read this report?

DA + Fusion: Award-winning innovation DA + Fusion: Award-winning innovation

DA + Fusion: Award-winning innovation

Together DA and Fusion provide capabilities for core, online and mobile banking to dozens of mutual banks and credit unions across Australia.

Our three-time Canstar award-winning mobile banking experience aims to exceed customer expectations with first-to-market features - giving mutuals an unfair advantage against the majors.

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