Mobilising Health Funds 2019

Give your organisation the edge with Fusion's comprehensive report on the state of mobile apps in the private health insurance sector

How Mobile is Your Health Fund?

Fusion's Mobilising Health Funds report reveals how member owned health funds are taking on the larger conglomerates with feature-packed mobile health fund experiences.

Has your brand surpassed the big private funds with its mobile experience? How vital is a mobile strategy to your members? Which digital business poses the biggest threat to the health insurance sector?

The Mobilising Health Funds report will provide you with the insights and strategies to move your mobile strategy forward.

How Mobile is Your Health Fund? How Mobile is Your Health Fund?

What's in the report?

See where you stand)

See where you stand

For the first time, accurate and relevant comparison between the large and small mutual health funds allow you to measure where you stand.

Strategies for growth)

Strategies for growth

Taking into account the current challenges in the health fund sector, we've identified some strategies to help your organisation take advantage of mobile.

Insights for the future.)

Insights for the future.

Employees of some Australia's best known health funds share their insights on the future of mobile for their customers and organisations.

Can your organisation afford to not read this report?