After a year (and a bit) of the Mobile Health Program... mutual health funds collaborated in a Fusion-led program to create a fresh member-centric health app.

The results are in

We've seen some spectacular results in the first year. We've now helped 91,570 members easily submit 209,902 claims via the app with an approximate value of $136 million.

For participating funds, the self-service focused app has delivered significant results, including a 69% reduction in cost-to-serve, a reduction in call centre volume of almost a third, and a quadrupling of app store ratings.

Fusion health fundsFusion health funds

Go far, Go together

The secret sauce that has led to these outcomes is a community of funds working together in a structured program to co-design, co-develop and co-invest in a collaborative manner.

The funds meet regularly to work on the program, plan out future releases and uncover trends and innovations within the industry. This ensures that the app stays at the forefront of customer needs and stays competitive for each organisation.

Agile and secure

A Modern DevOps CI/CD pipeline in combination with an automated test harness has delivered 4.1 high quality releases over the life of the program, with 485 tests per release.

A forward thinking roadmap for the health app platform is constantly prioritised to meet the emerging needs of the health funds and their members.

health fund program reviewshealth fund program reviews

Members love it

Most importantly, health fund members love their five-star app, and they're sharing their excitement with enthusiastic feedback in app stores.

One organisation's app store rating grew from 1.2 to 4.8 after the release of their new version of the app, highlighting its impact on member experience.

Create an experience members will love

Want to create an experience that your health fund members will love? We can help.