Quick wins

These ideas can be implemented immediately using your existing platforms.

Use a marketing banner in your member portal dashboard

Your portal dashboard has space for a eye-catching promotional banner. This is a prefect place to promote your app to members who are already taking advantage of self-service capabilities.

Nudge website visitors on mobile to get your app

Make your mobile app one tap away. A banner can be displayed to customers who visit your website on a mobile device with just a few lines of code. This directs them to the relevant app store to install and get moving with your organisation's mobile app.

Promote your app inside your portal's written content

Simple content updates can remind users that the task they are currently accomplishing in your portal can also be completed on-the-go using the mobile app.

All it takes is some copy updates on key screens  – for instance a success screen that displays when a member completes a common action.

Email marketing

Emails can help your members keep up-to-date with your latest features, improvements, and tips.

You could create a dedicated email campaign centred on your mobile app, or you could add small blocks, download buttons and footer elements into your standard email template to promote the app in all your email messaging.

News & blog articles

Create articles about your mobile app that outline its features, benefits, and improvements, then deliver them via your website's blog and news section.

These articles can then be cross-promoted across your digital channels such as social posts and email newsletters.

More ideas to consider...

Enter app awards)

Enter app awards

Organisations such as Mozo, Choice and Canstar compare and rate apps across a number of industries and categories. Applying for and receiving awards from these groups can get your app in front of prospective members who are looking for best-in-class mobile experiences.

SMS promotion)

SMS promotion

SMS is attractive, since it’s only a small jump for users from viewing a message on their device to downloading from the relevant app store. However, many users consider SMS marketing intrusive, so care should be taken to ensure this is done in a considered and respectful way.

App store advertising)

App store advertising

This can boost your visibility in the app stores, so that your app is suggested when users search for common terms relevant to your organisation's industry.

A little more work

The following ideas can be implemented with some planning and a small amount of effort.

Website updates

Your website is a key promotional tool for current and prospective members.

Consider creating a dedicated promotional page to show off your mobile app’s features in detail.

Additionally, promo blocks can be created and placed on relevant pages throughout your website.

Social media posts

Go to where your audience is via social media posts, and market your mobile app with rich media such as eye-catching imagery and video content.

Standard posts on your own account will target existing members who follow you, while paid promoted posts can reach your desired customers.

Digital advertising

This could be as simple as Google AdWords to ensure your mobile app appears on the first page of results when users are searching. It could also be as involved as creating sponsored editorial content on news sites – for instance an article about evolving trends in the ways consumers interact with providers in Australia.

More ideas to consider...

App Store Optimisation)

App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation (ASO) refers to improving an app's visibility and user appeal in the app stores and increasing app conversion rates to get more downloads. This can include optimising keywords and imagery to increase your search ranking.

Call centre messages)

Call centre messages

Some members are likely calling you to get help with functions that they could self-service via your organisation's mobile app. Let this audience know that they don’t have to wait using the recorded messaging they receive while on hold.

High effort, high reward

The following ideas may require significant investment in terms of creative and production,
but could be worth it to get your message out.

Animation and video

Video is high impact, with the ability to highlight your app’s key features and advantages in a way that’s highly engaging.

Investment in video can help to augment promotions across a variety of channels, such as your website, social media posts, app store listings, YouTube preroll ads, and broadcast or streaming television.

Out of home promotion

This includes flyers, posters, electronic billboards and more when your member is on-site in one of your locations, or those of a provider.

These can be high impact, since your customer is primed and using health facilities, but come with associated production costs.

Physical mail

While communication has increasingly moved paperless, some customers prefer physical mail.

Physical flyers can take a variety of high-impact formats to grab the attention of your members.

More ideas to consider...

Podcasts and radio)

Podcasts and radio

Audio advertising and sponsorship can be effective when targeted to the right audience. Podcast advertising via platforms such as Spotify and Acast has the advantage of being able to target granular demographics.



Infographics are highly visual ways of sharing information. They can have lots of different uses—from sharing facts and how-to guides, to showcasing your members’ success stories. Build a collection of convincing statistics that can be used across various media.

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