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How Episerver and Fusion can invigorate your digital presence.

The Power of Episerver

Episerver's powerful combination of tools and services ensures that editors and developers alike are able to give your organisation the best digital presence possible.

Episerver's flexible block and template structure mean that content can be created and implemented quickly and easily. Episerver is one of the easiest CMS consoles for content editors to learn, and provides them with the ability to preview new content as they are adding it.

Episerver connects into Salesforce, Microsoft CRM and marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Pardot. This enables marketers to have seamless insights on their customers and create compelling and converting campaigns.

Episerver’s scalability enables Fusion to create solutions of any size. As an Episerver Implementation partner, Fusion has planned, designed and developed a diverse range of Episerver powered solutions. These range from a large scale multi-site implementation for Telethon Kids Institute, to financial service digital platforms such as People's Choice Credit Union and commerce solutions for Detpak and Paperpak.

The Power of Episerver The Power of Episerver

Episerver Expertise


Episerver is Fusion’s platform of choice, and the scale and quality of our solutions led to Fusion winning the 2016 global award for Episerver partner of the year for the Asia Pacific region.  We were also named the 2017 Asia Pacific Commerce Partner of the year for our work on the Detpak and Paperpak solutions.

We are also a member of the Episerver Inner Circle, an exclusive international group of influential partners who provide feedback on the product roadmap, and communicate client concerns and suggestions. 

Fusion has an in-house team of certified Episerver experts who know every nook and cranny of the CMS.  Our range end-to-end digital marketing solutions and services are uniquely tailored to complement Episerver, including personalisation, analytics optimisation, cloud based hosting, ecommerce, personalisation, mobile, complex integrations and continuous deployment.

But don’t take our word for it.

James Norwood

Fusion is one of our highest performing and fastest growing partners, who go above and beyond to elevate our mutual customer's digital strategies. Optimising immersive digital experiences is core to our mission, and Fusion reflects this both in service and practice.

We look forward to continuing this strong partnership and sharing the incredible customer journeys this relationship creates for consumers who crave better online interactions with brands and reward the companies that provide them.

James Norwood, Executive Vice President, Strategy and CMO at Episerver

Episerver Experiences

APA Group

APA Group

An advanced digital solution for an ASX top 50 company.



Episerver Personalisation gives the sample request form a user experience makeover.



An ecommerce solution for one of the biggest commercial packaging providers in the world.



A worldwide ecommerce solution that empowers small business.

People's Choice Credit Union

People's Choice Credit Union

Helping one of the largest credit unions in Australia surpass its strategic goals through the power of Episerver.



A sensitive, user-friendly designed website that informs and educates, rather than simply selling a product.

Queensland Country Credit Union

Queensland Country Credit Union

A multi-site instance of Episerver powers both the Queensland Country Credit Union website and the Queensland Country Health Fund website.

Telethon Kids Institute

Telethon Kids Institute

One CMS, 14 websites. Episerver's shared blocks and theming engine made creating solutions for learning a breeze.

Damien Mair

Fusion's driving purpose is to 'create experiences people love'. Episerver's product portfolio enables us to consistently deliver on our purpose and create market-leading solutions that provide our clients with strong business outcomes.

Additionally, Episerver's exciting product roadmap ensures our clients are future proofed with a cutting edge digital platform that enables them to meet and surpass their customer's expectations.

Damien Mair, Director and Co-founder of Fusion

Why Fusion?

Fusion is a solution focused innovation agency that delivers business impact for organisations. Through our full service offering of strategy, design and technology, we are able to craft digital experiences that excite, delight and create value for your customers.




We uncover unique opportunities to connect companies and their audiences in the evolving digital landscape.



Our human-centered approach to UX design leads to seamless interactions and branding across the digital ecosystem.



We combine proven methods with the latest technological advancements to deliver robust digital solutions that deliver business outcomes.

No matter your industry, Fusion can help take your business to the next level. 

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