Designed exclusively for mutual banks and specialist
financial brands, the Digital_Branch takes your
customer engagement to the next level.

Digital_Branch is:

Uniquely Branded, Just Like You)

Uniquely Branded, Just Like You

Full customisation of the modules and tailoring of the visual elements means your digital presence embodies your brand and enhances your presence in search results.

Modular Components)

Modular Components

Scaled to suit your brand and customer needs, Digital_Branch is built from content, template and toolset components ideal for lead generation and self-serve support.

Responsive Ready)

Responsive Ready

Every element of the Digital_Branch is designed and developed within a responsive framework, making your brand look good and feel at home on any device.

Brands Powered by the Digital_Branch

Bank of Sydney

Bank of Sydney

Bank of Sydney prides themselves on providing strong, enduring relationships with their customers via focussing on human connections.

Defence Bank

Defence Bank

Defence Bank provides financial services to over 90,000 members from the Australian Defence Force and broader community.

Greater Bank

Greater Bank

Greater Bank has been serving customers in NSW and South East QLD for the past 70 years, with a focus on responsible lending.

P & N Bank

P & N Bank

P&N Bank is Western Australia's largest member owned bank offering financial services via its branch network and digital platforms.

Designed to differentiate.

Many of Australia’s leading mutual banks and specialist financial brands use the Digital_Branch platform to transform their digital member experience. The platform provides personalisation, advanced search capabilities and machine-learning-driven content delivery. All are powered by Episerver, a tier-1 enterprise-level content management system, rated in the ‘magic quadrant’ by Gartner.

Purpose-built modules come together to create digital services that your customers can access anywhere, on any device. Designed with mutual bank teams, these crucial components stand up to the rigour of Australian consumers every day. Behind the intuitive user experience a powerful technology base works seamlessly with third parties to support your staff and enable self-service functionality.

Designed to differentiate. Designed to differentiate.
Fusion + Episerver

Fusion + Episerver

Fusion and Episerver provide capabilities for mutual banks and credit unions across Australia.

Together we ensure Digital_Branch integrates seamlessly with member management systems in addtion to payment, identify and address validation solutions.

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