Adelaide City Council

Illuminating the city centre attracts global attention

Adelaide City Council is the oldest municipality in Australia, with over 1 million residents.

  • Adelaide City Council

    Challenge  As the only non-architectural firm invited to participate in a six-way pitch for the opportunity to invigorate the corner of Pulteney and Rundle streets, Fusion were the 'wild-card' winners. Our focus was on beautifying the carpark building through innovative design.

    Solution  Our design strategy focused on creating a 'lantern' for the city to use as a dynamic cultural canvas. Our simple ideas engaged the Adelaide City Council, as other concepts required new building, landscaping or form.

    Result  Our vision for the project was realised, adding beauty to people's lives without affecting the environment, working with current structures and putting Adelaide on the global map.

  • Challenge  As the Rundle Lantern lit up Adelaide for the first time, our job was to create excitement and public engagement with the Lantern through a dynamic launch.

    Solution  Fusion's design team created the opening launch sequence to set the tone, with an original sound score also created in-house by John Chaplin. The Lord Mayor officially launched the event, followed by a street party that included street performers and DJ Driller pumping out tunes.

    Result  The launch was a resounding success, demonstrated by the fact that the Lantern is quickly becoming one of Adelaide's iconic landmarks. Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett recently said, "This innovative public art display is not only creatively engaging but will become environmentally inspiring."

  • Adelaide City Council

    Challenge  The Rundle Lantern Simulator needed to be developed as the next step in the project, in order to enable users to upload digital content for display on the Lantern to an online, accessible resource.

    Solution  In response, Fusion developed a rich-media web application that allows people to upload and preview how their video content would look if delivered via the Rundle Lantern.

    Result  La Lumiere, an Adelaide Fringe event that brought together the talents of a select group of South Australian digital artists was the first event that showcased user-generated content on the Lantern for the duration of the festival. The feedback from visitors was fantastic, with many people taking photos.

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