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Fusion Client Gift 2012

People often return to work from the New Year break without getting to fully experience every piece of their ideal holiday. This year we are trying to remedy this with our Fusion Build-a-Break gifts. 

Each member of the Fusion team has constructed their own Lego avatar, using pieces sourced from all over the world in order to closely match their looks and personalities. These mini Fusionites have been assembled into kits that show us enjoying some of our favourite holiday activities, such as cooking up a storm on the BBQ, or getting away to the snow. These kits have been sent out far and wide to lucky recipients, who are invited to build, customize and play with them. Through this we hope to showcase the different personalities of our team, and in the process share our ideal holiday moments with our clients.

Recipients of Build-a-Break packages are encouraged to personalise and share their kits online. They can share photos or stories of their own holiday experiences on the Fusion Facebook and Twitter pages using the #FusionPlay hashtag, and can be rewarded for their involvement with bonus packs and additional secret prizes.

The holidays are all about sharing joyous experiences with the people you love, and with our Build-a-Break gift sets we hope to bring this experience to our valued clients and friends in a playful and fun way. You can view the entire team with their minifig avatars here.


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