Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance website hits the target

One of the largest defence projects in Australia is the construction of three Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers (AWDs). Despite the scale and visibility of the project, the AWD Alliance's original website was falling short in many areas. The AWD Alliance engaged Fusion to overhaul its website, designing it from the ground up to be the AWD Alliance's core strategic communications platform. Read more

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EasyData - What's the State of the State?

Fusion were recently engaged by Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) to plan, design and develop a data enquiry web application that aggregates a vast array of economic, social and environmental indicators. Read more

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Flinders University Prospectus published

The redesign of the Flinders International course guides was an opportune time to effectively position Flinders as a preferred international university brand. We identified an opportunity to help the university streamline and centralise course information through Helium©, Fusion’s Content Management System. Read more

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Property Council of Australia's nationwide presence

The Property Council of Australia's nationwide online presence makes use of Web 2.0 concepts and technologies in the form of Blogs, YouTube videos, Google maps, a microsite engine and Podcasts, ensuring a rich and informative web experience. Read more

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Savings & Loans website launched

Savings & Loans engaged Fusion to undertake a major redevelopment of their website in order to reflect their new brand identity, while also adding user-friendly functionality for their members. Read more