Medallion Homes Brand Identity & Website

Medallion Homes are excited to announce the launch their refreshed brand identity and new website.

Fusion lead a series of Brand Focus workshops where we worked very closely with the Medallion team to uncover many of the little known truths about the business behind the brand - known only by their customers.

Insights included their impeccable attention to detail, well considered processes, absolute dedication to customer service and the star players behind the scenes: their highly skilled trades people; many of whom have been with Medallion for over 20 years! A true testament to their incredibly exacting standards of perfection.

Illustrating the brand insights within their website design, we worked meticulously to bring Medallion’s expertise to the surface. Employing seductive video, interactive information panels and beautifully shot photography to tell their story throughout the website, we’ve created a digital platform that truly reflects the stunning quality and sheer beauty of the Medallion Homes journey.

As well as an alluring website, Medallion now also have a refreshed brand identity and new tagline that truly reflects the core of what they offer: “Pleasure You Deserve”.

Congratulations Medallion and here’s to another wonderful chapter in your success story.


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