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Adelaide Festival of Arts

Each Biannual Adelaide Festival of Arts needs to be positioned as more dynamic and engaging than the cluster of alternative arts events which surround it. Knowing this, Artistic Director Brett Sheehy came to Fusion with a commissioned 3D object by artist Michael Kutschbach. It was our job to bring it to life. Our response was to create intrigue by representing it as realistically as possible in a neutral environment.

We created the campaign line “what are you seeing?” to empathise with the target audience and to add to the intrigue. We also didn’t want to imbue the Kutschbach object with context or personality – we wanted to leave the audience wondering and allow them to create their own meaning. The line was picked up by sponsor Adelaide Bank for a competition to guess the meaning of the object. The “what are you seeing?” line also created buzz for the festival performances themselves.

We felt the object needed to be linked with every aspect of the festival with care and subtlety, so we developed intricate, ornamental headline typography to tie all the elements together. It has become one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of the Festival’s brand experience, and its delicately curling tendrils wind their way across bus sides and shelters, event programmes, the Festival TVC, newspaper advertising and signage.

A project of this size is never without it’s challenges, and we had both – creative and technical.  One of the main issues we encountered in developing the website was that the site had to represent a diverse artistic community while maintaining a consistent brand image.

Helium, our advanced Content Management System, allowed Festival staff to manage the website content in-house. Because they were always in control, they could ensure it was consistently relevant to sponsors, the artists and the public.

And the response to the site was exceptional – staff at the Adelaide Festival reported that once the website was live, they recorded the best online ticket sales in the events history.

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