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Dodgy ladders viral campaign

Bailey Ladders’ advertising agency wanted to create an online viral campaign for their client. The online offering would run in conjunction with staged events, press ads and motorcycle billboards. The agency approach us to develop and manage a website that would be found really easily, engage audience participation and create a viral-like referral effect spreading information about Bailey Ladders.

With the idea of an authority fighting the use of dodgy ladders in the community the National Ladder Authority presents a public awareness campaign on the website. We have enabled visitors to join in the fight subscribing to become a part of the National Hit Squad receiving a secret starter pack. Ladder lovers can upload their own dodgy ladder pictures and clips to win Bailey ladder prizes, view ‘suggestive’ dodgy ladder footage, play an online game, and tell their mates about the cause.


We are managing a campaign, achieving the first search result position with Google ad words to ensure as much web exposure as possible. Using lots of interactive rich content on the website makes it entertaining, particularly as the topic is very left of centre.” Said Damien Mair Fusion Principal.


  • Dodgy ladders website reveives an average of 400 visitors a week
  • Creation of an innovative marketing and promotions tool
  • Raised brand profile with target audience

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