Design & Branding

Harkk brand and marketing strategy

Harkk design and manufacture a range of elegant architectural products including screens, bollards and lights.

Harkk had international distributors making their own marketing material to promote their product range. This situation lacked branding and meant sales information was inconsistent and fragmented. With an established and growing international market, Harkk required a unified and consistent branding solution.

Harkk’s sales process and product lines were examined. A branded marketing strategy, and system was devised to overcome the mindset that one product was only suited to one application. This mindset was loosing the company sales. We implemented the naming of each product by its application, even if that meant several names for the same product. For example Harkk aqua is a screen for swimming pools and Harkk viva is the same screen for restaurants and cafes. 


A manual and system to be used as a sales tool was also designed. This system incorporates an electronic presentation with PDFs to distribute promotional materials, ensuring Harkk presents a unified and consistent message. Technical information is now available for builders and architects.


  • Professional sales and marketing strategy implemented
  • Unified brand, offering international recognition and improving company image
  • Improved sales
  • Attracted investors
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