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Electranet's Intranet improves communication

Electranet operates and manages the electricity transmission network throughout South Australia.

Electranet wished to implement a new Intranet into their organisation. Their old Intranet was under utilised and did not offer team members the functionality needed to improve processes and communications across the organisation.

Incorporating an intranet into an organisation requires a change management process to ensure its success. The team should be involved in the Intranet’s development to encourage a sense of ownership. An Intranet must offer team members relevant functionality so that their jobs are made easier. Helium® Fusion's powerful content management system was implemented to achieve this.

To ensure the Electranet team felt a sense of ownership, a competition was run to name the future Intranet. With the prize of an iPod the competition was well received and the name Maxwell was chosen.

Helium® was tailor-made so Maxwell suited Electranet’s unique needs. Helium® offers Electranet many mechanisms to improve communication and processes. Maxwell includes a document management tool, a contacts database, news centre and the ability for users to save their own preferences. Helium® integrates with Electranet’s existing online programmes to provide a one stop shop for staff to access their everyday tools. Helium® also enables the Electranet team complete ownership of Maxwell as they easily add, edit and publish content themselves, without reliance on internal or external technical staff.


  • Improved team communication
  • Document management process saves time and money
  • Better internal awareness of Electranet’s activities
  • Improved organisation of team resources
  • Rise in staff morale and job satisfaction
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