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The Caterpillar Wish - Subtle type

Fusion has recently completed the opening Title Sequence for feature film 'The Caterpillar Wish' distributed by Palace Films (to be released mid 2006). The brief from Wish Productions was simply “everything is not quite what it seems” in this sleepy dockside town.

Fusion worked with both Director and Director of Photography on the treatment for the opening title sequence. A combination of wide location shots and beautifully shot macro details of textures were filmed for the opening titles. Together with the Director and Film Editor, Fusion crafted an elegant and refined title sequence. Credits roll in and out of focus with the live action and film’s title delivered as a shadow across a curtain being moved by a breeze.

The clever main title design exceeded all expectations, comments from Director, Producer and Film Editor “We all LOVED the shadow on the curtain idea, magic! Really well executed.”

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