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Helium website launched

Helium® is a website content management system designed and developed by Fusion. Helium® permits you to easily create, edit and publish your own website content without any technical knowledge.

Helium® is unlike other content management systems as it separates content data, presentation and application coding into three distinct layers. This means that Helium® websites are formed around content rather than pages giving you more flexibility and greater control. A Helium® powered website is easily adapted for new company branding, new product ranges and new website functionality ensuring your website is future proofed. With Helium® you gain real ownership and control of your website. Helium® currently powers over 100 websites for international and national companies.

Fusion wished to promote Helium®, their flagship software item. What better way to do this than with a Helium® powered website? The Helium® website acts as a sales tool for Helium®. The website showcases itself with a Helium® tour, case studies listing the challenges, solutions and results Helium® has achieved for its clients. A full list of features, modules, and products is listed and you can register to receive the latest news about Helium®. The website also allows you to download a Helium® brochure and contact Fusion.


Vist Helium.com.au

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