Adding colour to Adelaide Airport

Everybody in Adelaide is excited by the prospect of having a new contemporary designed airport where you don't have to walk on the tarmac to get to your plane.

The team at Fusion are particularly proud as the main concourse features a large scale project designed by our branding team. A series of large glass murals depicting South Australian culture are alongside each of the 14 gate lounges in the 750 metre long concourse.

Whether you are arriving for the first time in Adelaide or leaving your home the contemporary glass murals give you a taste of the culture to be experienced within South Australia. View the beautiful wide open spaces; the contrast of inland desert with coastal seas; experience our rich indigenous past and recreational pursuits; view abundant wildlife and enjoy the fruits of our agricultural industry.

"I wanted to add colour and personality to the Airport's very large open space. The images offer warmth, movement and texture to complement the modern airport interior while depicting South Australian achievements." said Fusion designer David Zhu.

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