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Arup is an innovative global building infrastructure and consulting firm.

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    Challenge  Arup saw an opportunity to adopt tablet technology within their inspection and auditing services. After a thorough design and consultative process we created an Ipad app enabling easy and accurate data capture onsite.

    Solution  The time to conduct and compose an audit inspection has been reduced significantly and has become an enjoyable process for inspectors. Inspectors can upload CAD or working PDF documents prior to inspections and on inspection take photos, make notes, and record defects safely with only one device. Using GPS locators for each observation, data is pin pointed to ensure accuracy and eliminate errors. Reports can be previewed, filtered, emailed and additional details added off site.

    Result  We have created a ground-breaking application that saves time, money and improves efficiency. Adopted in Asia, USA, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia, Arup Inspect has changed the way asset inspections are done. Fire safety, project quality and energy audit versions of the app have also been developed.

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    Challenge  Arup required a method of promotion aimed directly at University graduates. We created an Iphone app ‘GoArup’ that enables graduates to learn about Arup’s employment opportunities and workplaces around Australasia.

    Solution  The app gives graduates a taste of Arup’s distinct workplace culture, history and past iconic projects. Graduates can watch video footage of team members discussing their experiences as well as learn all about the current graduate programs and processes. Graduate program key date reminders are integrated and can easily be added to the Iphone’s calendar.

    Result  The GoArup app is indicative of Arup’s values, it is an innovative method to appeal and recruit future team members.

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    Challenge  Demonstrating your expertise to the world when you’re an international design engineering practice requires innovation. Using an iPad as the tool of choice, Arup engaged us to redevelop their portfolio as an iOS app.

    Solution  Integrating with an existing database of case studies Arup World showcases thousands of projects in a fluid and persuasive manner. Searchable by project, skills location or market, Arup World’s contents can be filtered to display relevant projects streamlining new business presentations.

    Result  Utilising the touch screen’s scrolling action, the portfolio is beautiful to navigate and explore. Extra functionality is gained with an application portal to update the app’s content. The portfolio offers functionality far beyond the reach of any print brochure with an experience fitting the innovative practices of Arup.

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