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Gamification of your wallet

Launching a brand new type of bank account with all the contemporary necessities (Paywave, no monthly fees, eStatements, and internet banking, to mention a few) provides the opportunity to shake things up.

With the Zip Account from People’s Choice, we went beyond traditional marketing to bring some ‘zip’ to our promotions. Our Zip It Up app paid you to zip up loose change and was featured on Lifehacker, Kotaku, Mumbrella, B&T and the Tiser’s App of the Day.

We ramped up our social presence to promote the app and add zip to the feeds of our target demographic.

The game’s competition element spanned 6 weeks. Each week, three prizes were awarded to the players who had zipped up the most change in a certain amount of time. First place won their score (up to $300), and second and third place won $100 and $50 respectively. The money was deposited into their People’s Choice Zip account, meaning players needed to open one of the promoted accounts to receive their winnings.

The app has been downloaded over 4000 times, with half that many people moving on to the website. 6.5% of players have made enquiries into becoming a People’s Choice member, twice the rate than from standard banner advertising. Over 800 scores were shared to social media as well, despite there being no incentive to do so, showing clear user engagement with our game.

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